Testing Capabilities

Our ALTTRAN Technical Services team focuses on real world solutions to your rubber and elastomer formulation challenges no matter how unusual your application might be. We use standard ASTM testing methods, and exacting product performance evaluations to deliver an end product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

From major temperature fluctuations, to tensile and tear strength measuring and beyond. Our technicians will test your rubber formulations to perfect your product before going into production. Or let us develop the perfect formula for you!

ALTTRAN is an ASTM Organizational Member
  • Banbury Mixing
  • Moving Die Rheometer D 5289
  • Mooney Viscosity and Scorch D 1646s
  • Durometer D 2240
  • Tensile Strength D 412
  • Tear Strength D 624
  • Green Strength D 6746
  • Specific Gravity D 297
  • Heat Aging D 573
  • Compressing Set D 395
  • Fluid Resistance D 471
  • Percent Moisture D 5668
  • DIN Abrasion D 5963
  • Taber Abrasion D 4060
  • Rebound D 2632
  • Electrical Resistivity D 257
  • Extrusion D2230
  • Low Temperature Brittleness D 2137
  • Gehman Low Temperature D 1053
  • Percent Ash D 5667
  • RPA…
  • UL 94 HB/VB
  • UV
  • Spider Molding
  • Adhesion
  • Compression Deflection D 757
  • Melt Point
  • Color Analysis
ALTTRAN Lab Testing and Technical Services
ALTTRAN Lab Testing and Technical Services
ALTTRAN Lab Testing Rubber Tensile Strength Measuring
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