ATS Lab Testing

We Get Your Rubber Product Formulated and Developed Fast

ATS rubber testing can speed up your new product development to take you from prototyping to full production in record time. Is polymer formulation development a bottleneck to generating new sales? ATS can work in tandem with your technical department to quickly move your rubber projects forward.


Meaningful Rubber Analysis

Our technical team is focused on finding practical, real world solutions to challenging elastomer applications. Standard ASTM test methods are used to measure typical rubber properties. If you have an unusual application, talk to us about creating a test for your specific polymer requirements.


Rubber Lab Testing Updates

ATS has expanded our testing capabilities with more options for low temperature properties. We now offer this rubber testing equipment, among many others:
• Brittleness Testing
• Gehman Torsional Testing
• Temperature Retraction (TR-10) Test
• ADMET Universal Test Machine with Environmental Chamber
• ADMET 2600, programmed for tension or compression tests


Contract Rubber Testing Services

Contract rubber testing for a wide range of companies.

• Rubber formulation development
• Confirm ASTM D-2000 call-outs
• Product performance evaluation
• Raw material validation and recertification
• Data development for technical marketing programs
• Lab mixing
• Molding Process Simulation with RPA

Scale Up From Lab to Industrial Scale

Better Mixing Starts Out Small.

• Establish mix procedures
• Evaluate processing on the lab mill
• Check cure rate & scorch safety
• Confirm physical properties
• Test surface smoothness and dispersion with our new lab extruder


ASTM Rubber Test List

Our arsenal of rubber testing covers all the bases.

• Oscillating Disk Rheometer D2084
• Moving Die Rheometer D5289
• Viscosity & Scorch D1646
• Durometer / Hardness D2240
• Tensile Strength D412
• Tear Strength D624
• Green Strength D6746
• Specific Gravity D297
• Heat Aging D573
• Compression Set D395
• Fluid Resistance D471
• Percent Moisture D5668
• Taber Abrasion D4060
• Rebound D2632
• Electrical Resistivity D257
• Extrusion D2230
• Low Temperature Brittleness D2137
• Gehman Low Temperature D1053
• Temperature Retraction D1329
• Percent Ash D5667

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