Black Rubber Mixing

Dedicated Black Rubber Mixing

When you think of rubber… do you see black?

At ALTTRAN our black rubber compounds are mixed in a separate area of our facility allowing for accuracy and precision. We meet or exceed our client’s expectations through a rigorous and exacting polymer formulation, rubber mixing, testing and production process.

From molding, to extrusion, to calendering, ALTTRAN has rubber formulas to meet your needs. Already have your own polymer formula? Our trained technical staff and industry-leading chemists can review it with you to be certain we get it right, the first time, while helping you select the right carbon black for your rubber application.

Looking for custom color rubber mixing? Learn more about our custom color rubber mixing capabilities here.

  • Performance and precision that meets client specs
  • Black rubber compounds mixed in separate area from color
  • Rigorous and thorough polymer formulation, testing and production processes
  • We work with your polymer formula, or can create a new one in our lab
ALTTRAN Black Rubber Mixing and Tensile Strength Testing
ALTTRAN Black Rubber Compound Mixing & Production
ALTTRAN Black Rubber Mixing and Production