Industrial Mixing

ALTTRAN mixes rubber for a wide range of customers and applications. From carbon black to medical white, and every color and formulation in between. We supply customers of all sizes, Fortune 100 companies to independent custom molders. No matter the size of your order, our team gives your project the same attention to detail and commitment to consistency.

ALTTRAN White Rubber and Medical Rubber Mixing and Production
ALTTRAN Rubber Mixing Service

Formulation Development

As the rubber industry has evolved, many companies no longer develop their own recipes. That’s where ALTTRAN is different. We works with our customers to create formulations that meet exacting end-use specifications and process requirements. This “tailor-made” approach to formulating is just one more way we bring additional value to our client relationships.

Going even further, if your company has existing formulations, we can work with you to evaluate your formulations, make recommendations where necessary, and help reduce scrap and improve product performance.

Contract Lab Testing

ALTTRAN TECHNICAL SERVICES provides contract testing services for the rubber industry. Our Rubber Test Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art testing equipment, and the industry’s leading chemists, allowing us to provide results that expand our customers’ understanding of the engineering properties of rubber.

Our lab scale mixing equipment and trained technical team make it easy and cost effective to evaluate alternate raw materials for cost savings or improved product performance.

ALTTRAN Rubber Mixing Team


ALTTRAN has the people and equipment to do more than QC testing. With a focus on developing real world solutions, our R&D team works closely with customers on high performance rubber applications.

When a customer sends us a new formulation, we start with an initial lab study to confirm physical properties and mixing methods. By taking this time at the beginning, there are no surprises when a compound reaches the customer’s factory floor.

ALTTRAN personnel have the technical skills needed to sift through all the test data and find the answers. This ability to interpret the results is a critical part of our technical collaboration with customers. By providing meaningful recommendations, we can work together to drive business growth and maximize productivity.